The Chalice Productions is a label / distro focused exclusively in Occult, Esoteric, Dark, Ritual, Obscure and Magical music and arts.

URFAUST - Teufelsgeist (12"LP)

Intoxicated Ambient



Fullcolored jacket, printed black inside

Black poly-innersleeves


180g smoke colored vinyl (lim. 500)

Geist ist Teufel, Teufel ist Geist?


URFAUST's new offering under the spell 'Teufelsgeist' is an impressive diptych of music (the devil) and spirit (geist).


URFAUST has orchestrated an album that represents the stages of intoxication. It starts with an almost euphoric state but slowly devolves in a downward spiralling delirium. Ambient in it's nature, but still filled with the pounding drums, guitars and unique vocals that are trademark URFAUST. A vessel to board to float to intoxication island. The perfect soundtrack that will hold the ritual drinker in it's grip for 34 minutes.


To accompany this musical journey there is a special bottle involved. Teufelsgeist. A geist is a spirit and in this case, that spirit is also a premium distilled small batch gin that has been carefully tuned in all it's exquisite finesse with Hoos London Gin and VRDRBR.

Recorded as always by URFAUST and Deportator in De Bunker. Artwork by Karmazid. Comes in vinyl, CD and later on tape as well. Best enjoyed in solitude in the dark with Teufelsgeist gin or any other spirit of personal preference. For fans of URFAUST and premium gin!


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